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Saskia Results


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Pax Results

04/10/2011 eta Gem Graze from Dixon, CA

Henrietta Results

05/20/2008 Pi Scorpii Graze from Crows Landing

Prymno Results

04/25/2007 Graze from Arbuckle 

Judith Results

09/14/06 Beta Tauri Graze Results 

Citta di Alba Results

upsilon Geminorum Dbl Star Info

Terpsichore Results

05/07/06 ZC 1562 Graze Results 

Ara Results


Metis Results


Pepita Results


Eleutheria Results

2015 TB145 NEA Flyby clip

Vibilia Results


Palma Results


Eugenia Results




05/30/09 ZC1564 Disappearance (Step Event)

Venus Transit at Sunset

02/01/09 SAO 92207 Disappearance (Step Event)

IOTA-VTI and The Leap Second

06/27/08 Neptune Lunar Occultation 

Venus Rises with The Moon

12/21/07 ZC438 Disappearance (Step Event)

Pluto Occultation

11/03/07 Regulus Lunar Occultation 

Mercury Transit

04/26/07 Regulus Lunar Occultation 

August 2007 Total Lunar Eclipse

12/03/06 (7) IRIS Lunar Occultation 

Comet 17P Holmes 2007




Blowing another Event?  PRICELESS! (Astro Humor)




NOSS 3 ship flyby 3MB

Venus with The Moon

SKYMED 3 Flare 10MB

Venus has a Moon??

NOSS 3-2 A&C in the Pleiades 7MB

Jupiter with 5 bright moons

NOSS 3-2 A&C in the Pleiades 52MB

Venus and Jupiter

EGP in Orion 2MB

SKYMED 3 Flare

#90070 in Orion 1.7MB

M42 with an ST80   #2

Iridium 33 Flares 21MB

M45 with an ST80   #2

Geosat Flare in Orion 12MB

Milstar 3 Flare

USA  39 Blinking Off 25MB

EGP #1    EGP #2  EGP #3   EGP #4    EGP #5

STSS-ATRR r (and 3 others) 25MB

M42 March 2009    Flame and Horsehead Nebula

Satellite Rush Hour 11MB

Iridium 920 Flares 9/20/2009 UT 58MB

Satellite Clips from 8/24/09 UT 29MB

EGP - Disco Ball in Space - 2011/08/19 39MB

NanoSailD from 8/15/11 UT 3MB

ORS-1 from 8/21/11 UT 38MB

ORS-1 from 8/18/11 UT 16MB

NOSS 3-4 A & C from 8/21/11 UT 55MB

NanoSailD from 8/18/11 UT 40MB

Paul Maley's UARS Video from 9/24/11 UT 170MB

UME1 from 8/18/11 UT 45MB

Paul Maley's UARS Video from 9/24/11 UT 40MB

ROSAT w/ Flare 10/20/11 UT 14MB

PROWLER Flare from 10/29/11 UT 33MB

ROSAT from 10/21/11 UT 17MB

Observing satellites and asteroid occultations 18MB

Phobos Grunt from 11/23/11 UT 88MB

Possible Meteor from 12/04/11 UT 7MB

NOSS Near Miss from 4/16/12 UT 12MB

NOSS 3-5 S & A DoubleFlare from 4/16/12 UT 29MB

USA 129 with Fluid Head Tripod 25MB

Meteor from 07/24/12 UT 7MB

FIA Radar and TIANGONG 1 from 7/24/12 UT 26MB

PC164EX2 AutoGain sample video 20MB

Lacrosse 5 from 08/25/12 UT 28MB

USA129 Glint and Flare from 08/25/12 UT 30MB

USA 81 flashes part 1 from 08/26/12 UT 41MB

USA129 Shadow Exit small Flare from 08/26/12 UT 10MB

USA 81 flashes part 2 from 08/26/12 UT 42MB

USA 81 versus what?? 08/26/12 UT 7MB

ORS 1 from 09/27/12 UT 25MB

NOSS 3-3 A & C w/ NOAA 10 from 09/27/12 UT 30MB

TandemX from 11/25/12 UT 37MB

NOSS 3-3 C has a heartbeat (9/27/12)

NOSS 3-5 B & A in M45 02/25/13 UT 16MB

NOSS 2-1 C M45, Hyades, M42 - 02/25/13 UT 146MB

The Night Owl from 02/25/13 UT 82MB

Flashes from #6797 from 02/27/13 UT 30MB

NOSS 3-5 A Heartbeat from 02/28/13 UT 43MB

NOSS 3-5 B & A Lightcurve GIF

FIA Radar 3 vs Jet from 08/24/14 UT 12MB

NOSS 3-5 to Unknown Flasher from 08/24/14 UT 47MB

CZ-2D R/B Fast Pass from 03/19/15 UT 10MB

-8 Flare from Iridium 96 from 03/19/15 UT 12MB

Falcon Heavy / Tesla from 02/07/18 UT 132MB

FULL Falcon Heavy / Tesla from 02/07/18 UT 256MB

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