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upsilon Geminorum Graze

From: Mitsuru SOMA

Sent: Wednesday, October 12, 2005 1:36 AM

To: Derek C Breit


Subject: RE: ups gem



†††† At the Journees 2005 meeting in Warsaw on 2005 September 19-21

( I presented a poster paper about the results of the lunar occultations of upsilon Geminorum and Antares.The paper is attached [Link Below]


††† In that paper my conclusion about the position of the secondary of upsilon Geminorum relative to the primary is 0".04 +/- 0".01 in separation and 70deg +/- 20deg in PA. This result is still preliminary in the sense that I have determined it mainly from the comparison of your faint events with the bright events of the others, and I have not checked Richard Nolthenius's observations fully yet, but the result is rather consistent and it should not have large errors.

†††† You cited Richard's message:

| The PA of the secondary appears to be north and east of the primary,

| in the PA=310 area is my very rough guesstimate."

He wrote "north and east", so I think his correct "guesstimate" was PA=50deg instead of PA=310deg, then his estimate agrees well with mine.You note that he later changed his estimate closer to PA=0, but according to my calculations PA=0 does not agree well with your observations.

†††† I need some more time to get my final results using all the observations of the graze, and to clarify how all the observations are consistent with the results, but before arriving at the final results, it might be a good idea to show many people my preliminary results and to get criticism from them, so I would appreciate it if you could put the attached paper somewhere on your web site, and discuss it in public.I would also like to receive as many observations as possible of the lunar occultations of Antares and its companion from abroad (I used only one observation of the Antares occultation on 2005 March 3 from the USA).


Best regards,†† Mitsuru Soma

Email any comments to me at .
Please see the *.pdf file >> HERE

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