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Sharks Hockey and my 50th Birthday

I am one big Sharks Fan. I don't watch them on TV since I live out in the middle of nowhere and never bothered to get any kind of TV Service. Last game I saw on TV was the 3rd longest game in the History of the NHL.. Quadruple Overtime playoff game versus the Dallas Stars. I live on radio now and have not missed a minute of Sharks Hockey in over 6 years, but it's not something I pay that much attention to. I just don't miss Sharks games.

I had never been to a live hockey game.. I had said for years I would never go until my first game was with seats on the glass..

Here's a typical view of myself during the Playoffs, hence the Playoff Beard..


Just before the Sharks schedule of games came out, Wifey asks me whom I wanted to see if I was to go, since my 50th Birthday was in a couple months and she wanted me to see the Sharks in person..

"I hate this team, that team.. that team too.. but I *really* can't stand the Anaheim Ducks, but there is no way the Sharks will be playing at home on my Birthday.. and there is no way they will be playing the 'Damn Quackers'!..

A couple of days later the schedule comes out. I check December 29th.. Sharks are playing.. They are at Home.. and they are playing the 'Damn Quackers'.. So I bought two seats on the Glass..

(below image credit Yahoo Sports. Link to page is >> HERE)

Note the ledge at the bottom of the glass.. When we entered the rink, after buying the primary item I wanted and some munchies, I placed my soda on this ledge.. As the players skated for warmups, everytime Brent Burns came by he'd hit the glass with his stick. I had no idea why, but I would shortly figure it out. I did decide I should be taking pictures and I capture a priceless personalized image.. Perfect Timing.. Title?? "HEY DUMBASS!!"

That would be Brent Burns teaching me, quite effectively, not to place a drink on the dasher board as Burns slams the glass with his shoulder. All I could think, before I even knew this picture was as well timed as it is, was "Wow these are great seats", even though the floor around me is coated in very sticky soda from my shattered "Souvenir Cup".. I didn't care that this really shows what a Dumbass I was.. 
Shortly after I snapped this actual game play image.. Opening Faceoff.. Nice Seats!!


The Sharks scored 1 minute 17 seconds into the game.. Everything around me always involves the numbers 1, 3, or 7, so I knew right here that everything was going to be nearly perfect in the ONE GAME the Sharks just had to win.. (Also note the final score..)

Who scored the first goal?? Brent Burns..

Could it get any better??

Yes.. Much Better..

A Few minutes later, it's 2-0 Sharks.. Logan Couture with his first goal in 12 games.. This was my one prediction I made for this game, that Couture would break his goal less streak of 11 games.. It's a highlight reel goal for Logan's 100th career goal.. (Highlight link below)..

Also, this was as close as I would get to seeing the player I was really hoping to see when I bought these seats.. Rookie Tomas Hertl.. He suffered what may end up being a season ending knee injury one week before this game. Surgery was successful but no timetable has been given for his return. Under my Jacket (see way below) I am wearing.. (Note the "white" thing is a part of my telescope, and is not a cigarette.. Trying to quit..)

Near the end of the second period, *IT* happened.. A play I will never *ever* forget, which made it..

3-0 Sharks..      Timekeeper *OBVIOUSLY* made a mistake..  :-))

(A Note- It is requested you do not lean forward in your seats, or leave your seats until there is a break in the action when you have seats near the glass so you don't block the view of others who also paid a great deal of cash for their seats..)

Where my seats were, the Sharks only attacked the net right in front of me in this, the second period. Like this..

The Sharks bounced a shot off the Anaheim Goalie, that he stopped. The rebound bounced straight out towards where you see the two Anaheim players (in white just to the right of the Referee).. A Puck all alone in the slot.. Very Alone..

By then, everyone in the above image had either moved way to the far boards, or off to the far left.. And the puck is very slowly trickling away from the goalie.. I only see the Goalie, and the puck sitting there for an eternity..

I am halfway out of my seat and screaming "SHOOT THE PUCK!" Out of nowhere comes Bracken Kearns, who blasts the puck into the net.. I am already standing, making it rather easy to cheer.. Just AWESOME..

You can see this play (and all the other highlights from this game) >> FEAR THE FIN << Watch the video..

Here is just the Kearns Goal.. In High Def.. Bracken Kearns scores his first career goal Video - NHL VideoCenter

Bracken Kearns first NHL goal is quite the story also.. Oldest Shark to ever score their first goal at 32. He's played 593 minor league games. A real good story of perseverance!

Sharks snap Ducks' 10-game winning streak - Yahoo Sports

Kearns went on to score 2 more goals in his next two games.. They were all the third goal scored by the Sharks in each contest..


Additionally.. The image above shows something else I got to see up close and personal.. The Sharks Power Play. They didn't score on it, but it really is a thing of beauty to watch the Sharks cycle the puck..

While I hate the Quackers in general, there is Correy Perry in particular.. Headed off to the penalty box..

Note the time.. See a pattern yet??

Eventually, the Damn Quackers would score a goal and break up the shutout, making the final score 3-1 Sharks.. The Quackers HAD a ten game win streak, and the best record in the league.. No Matter.. A Birthday Winner over the team I hate the most and on my 50th birthday..

Sharkie with the victory dance at center ice..




But there's more..

Such as the Scoreboard message..

And the Birthday Visit by Sharkie to our seats 'on the glass'..

My little paper "This is Sharks Territory" sign was nice, but Sharkie gave me a better one..


Sharkie also gave me these other cool Sharks items.. (Besides the above metal sign and new Sharks hat)..

This one is from Wifey..

And the other trinkets I made it home with..



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