BREIT IDEAS Observatory

Occultation Overkill

Me and my Meade 12 LX200 in Visual Mode

(IOTA hat and SPACE.COM Shirt is standard equipment)

(Bad Location Optional)

Mobile Video Occultation Mode

(Watch out for the car at the left!!!)

Two Regular car batteries run this for over 8 hours including AC Inverter

Take the extra second to not drop the keypad !

L R on Tailgate

McAFEE VTI-Shortwave Radio-TV/VCR Combo-15x70 Binocs-Meade 2 Diagonal-Zoom Ocular

BREIT IDEAS Observatory

Occultation Overkill

From Radio Shack

Buy one if you can still find them!

375 watt AC inverter for TV and Telescope

McAFEE VTI w/ 8ch Ashtek G8 GPS (Prototype)

LCL-Watec 802h video camera w/Moog f3 focal reducer

Rubber Bands to keep it running

Occultationist / Security Officer

Anyone want to sponsor an actual building???

This scope deserves one !

The Sun sets WHEN???

LCL-Watec 802h with baffling ready to install

Baffling Installed A MUST!

Clockwise from Watec 802h Video Camera

Mounting Ring-Moog f/6 FR-C mount adapter-Moog 3.0 Extension tube

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