Special Asteroid Events

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Special Asteroid Events

Updated 2016-08-10

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Future Asteroid Event Details

Double star code. 
1 = WDS, 2= double in other sources (4th interferometric, or star catalogue flag),
4 = Variable star (listed in AAVSO Index file).
Values are cumulative, thus, 
a 5 = a 1 (WDS) plus a 4 (AAVSO) and a 6 = a 2 (other sources) and a 4 (AAVSO).

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This is the official list of events for which Southwest Research Institute may provide funds to IOTA for multi-station expeditions as described
at the IOTA annual meeting October 20, 2012. Observers who have multi-station capability that are interested in supporting specific occultations
shown in this short list are invited to email pdmaley at yahoo dot com so that we can gauge the potential level of participation. After reviewing the 
list please indicate which event(s) you would like to support and from which general area (e.g. south Texas, northern California, etc.). 
Announcements will be made prior soliciting observers who might have a portion of their travel expenses covered.
               U.T.                           Max                      Star Star   Delta
    Date      Hr Mn  -   Minor Planet    -    Dur   -   Star Name    -  Mag Diam D   Mag -       Mapping Info       - -           Observing Info               -
 -----------  -- --  ---------------------  ------  ------------------ ---- ---- - ----- ---------------------------- ------------------------------------------
 2015 Nov 11  04:45      29 Amphitrite        24.3  TYC 1198-00160-1    9.9         0.42 Global GoogleMap GoogleEarth Path Sites Chart Stars Elements           
 2016 Jan 27  03:47     283 Emma              11.2  TYC 1888-00304-1   11.3         2.33 Global GoogleMap GoogleEarth Path Sites Chart Stars Elements           
 2016 May 01  00:43     702 Alauda            12.6  HIP 40499           8.9         4.42 Global GoogleMap GoogleEarth Path Sites Chart Stars Elements           
 2016 Aug 27  04:38      85 Io                28.0  TYC 0517-00165-1    7.5         2.88 Global GoogleMap GoogleEarth Path Sites Chart Stars Elements           
 2016 Sep 03  10:02      51 Nemausa           31.8  HIP 8524            7.6         3.93 Global GoogleMap GoogleEarth Path Sites Chart Stars Elements           
 2016 Oct 05  06:07     451 Patientia         27.3  TYC 6978-00853-1    9.7         1.91 Global GoogleMap GoogleEarth Path Sites Chart Stars Elements           
This is to inform everyone that Paul Maley has organized two upcoming 
international expeditions to observe asteroid occultations this year. 
 2015 May 24  16:45    1669 Dagmar             2.4  HIP  49669          1.4    1   15.00 Global GoogleMap GoogleEarth Path Sites Chart Stars Elements           
This is another opportunity to catch the 1st magnitude bright star blink out this time by the minor planet Dagmar shortly after local sunset.  
The venue is Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Duration is up to 2.4 seconds and the elevation of the star is 68 degrees above azimuth 248; the star is 9 
degrees from a 40% sunlit Moon.  Some months ago I developed two contacts at King Abdullah Aziz University in Jeddah who have agreed to assist 
in getting visas to enter the country and in setting up multiple video stations (and possibly optical sites with observers using the IPhone app).
Because of security concerns we are not permitted to go anywhere except in the very western part of the kingdom.  We have settled on highway 5 
that runs from Jeddah north and south. IMPORTANT DEADLINE: I have been requested to submit CVs of anyone interested by JANUARY 23. Persons will 
be expected to pay for their own travel as none of this will be subsidized.  I have also initiated a
plan to advertise it locally similar to the last Regulus occultation.
Specific details regarding in-country logistics are not known at this time, however, I am planning to arrive May 22 and depart May 25.  Interested 
parties should be aware of not only significant cultural differences but also that there is a US State Dept travel advisory related which can be 
viewed at: http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/english/alertswarnings/saudi-arabia-travel-warning.html 
My initial desire was to observe farther to the southeast of Jeddah where the sky would be darker but I was specifically informed that security 
could not be guaranteed and that our contacts would not even consider to travel in that direction.  Weather is expected to be 50/50 in May.
 2015 Oct 03  15:06     106 Dione             25.2  HIP 12740           8.4         3.16 Global GoogleMap GoogleEarth Path Sites Chart Stars Elements           
This is my second formal expedition for "occultation tourists". I have 10 people signed up but with the exception of me and my wife, none are 
IOTA members. Dione eclipses an 8th mag star from Delhi, India for up to 25 seconds. Star elevation is 13 deg above azimuth 83.  For this, I 
have organized a trip to Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal ending in India. Originally the path went through Bhutan but later shifted to India. 
See: http://www.eclipsetours.com/astronomy-tour-bhutan/
I have been offered assistance from Indian occultation contacts who plan to scout observing sites in advance since this event occurs at the 
tail end of our tour and the light bubble from Delhi is a potential interfering issue.  Also it is hoped that local amateurs will also observe 
the event. Weather is supposed to be pretty good at that time of year from the Delhi area. The circumstances of the occultation are not the 
greatest as I would have preferred the star much higher in the sky, but I had to set this up way in advance before the significant path shift 
was identified. 
Anyone on the list server who is interested in either one of the above expeditions are invited to contact me OFFLINE please.
email me (see below) and I will put you in touch with Paul..

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