BREIT IDEAS Observatory

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Interactive Map of Graze Path

This is a beta test (does not work on all browsers) using GOOGLE Maps.
Offset coding by Geoff Hitchcox.Kiwi Geoff, Christchurch, New Zealand.
Topo Map coding by Kyle Mulka and edited for our purposes by Rob Walker, Shelbyville, Indiana

Zoom in and out with control at left of map. You can "drag" map by holding down left mouse button.
Double-clicking will center map at tip of mouse pointer, the lat/lon and perpendicular distance from graze limit line is then given beneath map.
MAPPING HINT - Most of these buttons zoom very well. Some do not.
The "GOES-IR" and "WX-HYBRID" buttons are recommended to be viewed at the CURRENT zoom level.

Green = Graze limit line, Gray = User defined offsets to limit line to delineate graze "zone".

Northern Limit Grazing Grazing Occultation of 3282 K0 Magnitude 7.8 (Nominal site altitude 0m)

During the August 28th 2007 Total Lunar Eclipse

Graze calculations by Occult software.

#### Handy HINT #### If you are using dialup and not all tiles load on the map, press the "-" pad on the zoom control (left side of map) then one second later press the "+" pad. This will take you back to the same zoom setting, but reload any tiles that are missing. ENJOY!

*NOTE* Observing zone is Longitude dependant. Please set observing zone for your area !!! Help is available.

Positive offset values are NORTH of limit line, negative values are SOUTH of limit line.
To set gray offset line A (in km perpendicular to GREEN limit line), edit this box km then
To set gray offset line B (in km perpendicular to GREEN limit line), edit this box km then