Vibilia Results

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All times UT unless otherwise noted


Asteroid (or other object):_144 Vibilia_______  Star:_TYC 1879-00346-1______

Date (U.T.):_09/15/06_________________  Predicted Time (U.T.):_10:27:18_____

Observer Name:_Derek C Breit_______________  Telephone:_NA__________________

Postal Address:_400 Berrellesa St Martinez, CA 94553-1014___________________

E-mail Address:_breit_ideas@poyntsource.com_________  Fax:______________________

TELESCOPE:  Aperture:_305mm_  Focal length:_f/10_  Type:_SCT________________

    Eyepiece Power:_NA_____  Observing site name: _Poleline Rd on I-5_______

    Longitude:_-120 48 30.42__________  Latitude:_36 54 10.86_______________

    Height above sealevel:_117m__  How determined?:_Ashtek G8 GPS___________

Sky Transparency (Circle one, or delete two):     Good

Star Image Stability ("seeing"; as above):        Fair

Other Conditions:  (Wind, Clouds, Lights, etc.):_Windy______________________

EVENT TIMINGS:  (All times in Universal Time)

Time Source:_Radio_______  Recording method:_Video__________________________

Was the Asteroid Visible in your Scope? _No___  Approx. Limiting Mag.:_12___

                               Universal Time  Estimated  Accuracy, Remarks
                                 h   m    s    Reaction
  Started Observing:           _10:_22:_00.00_  (sec.)  ____________________

  Star and Object Merged:      ___:___:___.___          ____________________

  Disappearance:               _10:_27:_09.841  _0.00_  _+/- 0.008s_________

  Estimated Closest Approach:  ___:___:___.___          ____________________
                  (if no D/R)
  Reappearance:                _10 _27:_16.147  _0.00_  _+/- 0.008s_________

  Star and Object Separated:   ___:___:___.___          ____________________

  Stopped Observing:           _10:_30:_00.00_          ____________________

  Was your reaction time applied to the above timings? _NA______

If you could tell, did the object pass NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, or WEST of the
star (cicle one, or delete three)?  If possible,
estimate the distance of closest approach in arc seconds: _______

List all Interruptions in Observing:           Reason

    From  ___:___:___  to  ___:___:___    __________________________________

    From  ___:___:___  to  ___:___:___    __________________________________

Additional comments: _Mogg 3.0 FR - Event Early - No Secondary Events Seen__

_____________________________Duration of 6.306s_____________________________


Send         Jan Manek                Fax:     +420-2-61216822              
report to:   Stefanik Observatory     E-mail:
             Petrin 205               If an occultation is timed, copy to:  
             118 46  Praha 1          
             Czech Republic      
See the Video.. Raise the brightness. Target is at the top middle of the frame.. Click HERE 1MB

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