NOSS 3-3 C has a Heartbeat

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NOSS 3-3 C brightness variations

On Sept 26th, 2012, the NOSS 3-3 pair made a pass low in the West at 8:32 PM PDTas predicted above.
I video recorded this pass with a PC164EX2 and a 50mm SLR lense. The video can be seen at the bottom right HERE

and the Excel csv file HERE

I examined a section of this video from 3h 31m 57s to 3h 32m 14s UT (Sept 27th) with LiMovie. The resulting lightcurves are presented here. Excel was also used to create larger lightcurves that were edited and stretched for presentation purposes.. The satellite was traversing the northern section of Bootes, roughly at the same azimuth as the Sun. This is from memory of the view and I have not checked to see if this was *actually* the case.. According to HNSKY, the Sun was at azimuth 283 at 8:32 PM. Close.. S-S-O angle was 129 degrees..
The first "quick look" lightcurve was this one.. A nice Heartbeat..

Here is that same lightcurve in more detail (in two parts..)
First Half..

2nd half..

Then the examination again with Limovie.. This time I added comparison stars..

BLUE = NOSS 3-3 C / YELLOW = Brighter Star - AVG = 3664.01 / PINK = Fainter Star - AVG = 1153.01

NOSS 3-3 C Averages.. "Normal" = 2511.67 (remove all intensities >3000 ) = Mag 7.1

                                 Peak Average = 3984.93 (remove all intensities < 3750 ) = Mag 6.8

using the 2 star's Tycho 2 mags        

Details for the Brighter Star from Heavensat (image)

HNSKY using the 3UCAC catalog shows Mag 6.2 (Mag 6.9 using Tycho 2) -


The Fainter Component from Heavensat (image)

HNSKY using the 3UCAC catalog shows Mag 6.7 (Mag 7.3 using Tycho 2)

All Comments Welcome..

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